Center for Psycho-Spiritual Formation

3/F Spiritual-Pastoral Center (CEFAM)
Seminary Drive
Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights
1108 Quezon City, Philippines
Tel: (02) 928 6040
(02) 426 6001 loc. 4875


Jesus said to Simon, “Tend my sheep.”

(John 21:17)

The call to tend God’s sheep is sounded many times

And in many ways across our lives …

  • Our eyes are opened to mission.
  • Our hope in the good news of great joy … for all the people is awakened.
  • Our hearts begin to grasp we are in this world to spread this joy.

At first, though, many of us plod through much darkness:

  • We see but dimly.
  • Discouragement often eclipses our hope.
  • Our hearts are broken, confused, terrified.

Those in religious life and seminary formation, in particular, feel ill-equipped

  • … To help formands purify desires relative to their call or
  • Come to terms with the shadows that block these desires.

The call unfurls within a deep yearning for worthy companions:

  • We long to be held with reverence as we await darkness’ sacred revelations.
  • We look for help as we trudge through the rocky path that leads to our truer, fuller selves.
  • We seek specialists to guide us in the crucial work of forming candidates to the priesthood and religious life.

Emmaus Center journeys with women and men in ministry and gives them the precise tools they need for the work of formation. These women and men are then able to respond more freely to their distinct calling from their singular, authentic selves and from a place of empowerment and competence.

Emmaus Center sends forth workers, leaders, and ministers of the Church who are neither afraid to embrace the nuances and contradictions of human life nor hesitant to embark on training candidates to the priesthood and religious life.

This is Emmaus Center’s way of contributing to the strengthening of the universal and local Church.

More than 30 years since its foundation, the work of Emmaus Center continues.

  • Many have already discovered here, to their great delight, how truly loved they are by God.

  • Many have since gained much needed knowledge and skills for the work of formation.

  • Many have "gotten up, taken their mats, and (joyfully) gone home" (Mark 2:11) to their respective mission fields with a deeper felt-sense of the Good News and a deeper aching to share it wherever they are.

The time for

  • Your own eyes to be opened ...
  • Your heart to burn again ...
  • Your hope to be restored ...

May be now.

Emmaus Center welcomes you.