Center for Psycho-Spiritual Formation

3/F Spiritual-Pastoral Center (CEFAM)
Seminary Drive
Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights
1108 Quezon City, Philippines
Tel: (02) 928 6040
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Spiritual Direction and Psycho-Spiritual Accompaniment

Paz H. Baquiran

BS Management, Ateneo de Manila University

MA Religious Education, Fordham University, USA

Masteral coursework, Counseling Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University

Certificate, Parker Palmer's Courage to Teach Program, USA

Basic Training for Lay Formators, Emmaus Center

I am here to accompany and assist individuals in their search for and in living out their life purpose. I believe that there is an inherent goodness, giftedness, and ‘greatness’ in each one that is meant to be of service to this world. Others are able to discover these as their lives unfold. For these individuals, I am here to serve as witness-companion, as you acknowledge your giftedness. Others come across blocks and difficulties that hinder growth. For these individuals, I am here to serve as guide-companion as you tread paths that may seem uncertain, to help look out at the paths and look at the self and discover avenues to greater clarity and freedom. In all of this searching, finding, enfleshing, I hope that, I, together with you, are steadily, tenderly, lovingly taking part in the continuing work of Creation.

Francisca Gloria C. Bustamante

AB Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University

Masteral coursework, Counseling Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University

I have been involved in the ministry of religious, priestly and lay formation for the past 23 years and have been a spiritual companion for lay, religious, priests and seminarians for the past 13 years. As a companion in the person’s spiritual journey, I start with the deep conviction that God desires to love and be intimate with each one. I begin where the person is. God can be encountered wherever the individual is. I place at the service of spiritual accompaniment my knowledge of the human personality and development and the many years of experience in vocational formation. My goal is to proceed with reverence as I help the person pay attention to his or her own unique experiences of God, notice the responses that are evoked by these experiences in the individual, and attend to the person as she or he nurtures this growing personal relationship and lives out the consequences of this intimate relationship with this loving and faithful God. I provide on-going spiritual direction and retreat guidance, including retreats in the tradition of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. I have received my training in Prayer Guidance from St. Beuno’s Center, North Wales, United Kingdom and Spiritual Direction from the Mercy Center, California, USA. I have completed my own Spiritual Exercises at the 40-Day Institute, Loyola House, Guelph, Canada. I also offer supervision for spiritual directors and formation personnel.

Dave J. Daulo

BSE in Biology, University of Santo Tomas

Internship in the Art of Spiritual Direction, Mercy Center, Burlingame, CA, USA

Completed Basic Training for Lay Formators, Emmaus Center

Certified Ear Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist, National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, Philippines (NADA Protocol)

My work in Emmaus Center these last 15 years has involved designing and facilitating psycho-spiritual workshops as well as giving recollections and retreats for religious formators and formands, school and parish lay leaders, and lay groups. I also provide psycho-spiritual accompaniment, counseling and spiritual direction to help clients discern their life direction or vocation, mostly as a follow-through after they have taken our programs.

I help individuals I journey with to develop the healthy dispositions necessary for their chosen lifecall. I believe my task as a formator is to help each person find the courage, vulnerability, and fidelity to do their soulwork and nurture or deepen their inner lives. This includes exploring the person’s psycho-emotional story, body history, capacity for transcendence, and personal relationship with God.

Creating a safe, reverent, and respectful space where the person’s real self can unfold and manifest its temperament, fears, and woundings as well as its unique gifts and charisms are essential to my lifework. As a companion on the road to Emmaus, I gently listen, hold, and mirror back each person’s goodness, beauty, and truth. I seek to help every soul on the road to make sense, give meaning and direction to the gifts waiting to be optimized within them and to find God every step of the way.

Carmelina (Lynn) R. Enriquez

AB Communication Arts, Maryknoll College

Professional Diploma, Center for Family Ministries, Loyola School of Theology

Leadership Training, Domestic Violence: Religious Resources and Roadblocks, Seattle, WA, USA

Certificate of Specialization, The Grief Recovery Institute, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Immersion course on Ignatian Spirituality, La Cova, Manresa, Spain

Have you lately been through a major change in your life, so huge it has brought about feelings of loss that have left you sad, baffled, angry, anxious, overwhelmed? Or, have you been feeling stuck, somewhat disoriented or simply lost?

We all need to tell the story crying to be told within us.

I provide the safe place for you and your holy, sacred story, a sanctuary where you and your narratives will be honored and received with utmost care. I offer respectful accompaniment as you attempt to make sense of the chaos raging within. With Rainer Maria Rilke, I also believe in “being patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves… The point is to live everything.”

You and I, together, we can “live the questions now…”

In my practice of counseling and spiritual direction, I draw from my very own God-experience and I am sustained by my certainty that God is at work in God’s people. It is my prayer that you, with whom I am walking, will get in touch with your desires, pains, hopes, and dreams, and eventually, will pay attention to God’s desires, pains, hopes, and dreams for you.

Eva K. Galvey

AB Guidance and Counseling, St. Scholastica’s College

Masteral coursework in Social Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University

Internship in the Art of Spiritual Direction, Mercy Center, Burlingame, CA, USA

40-day Spiritual Exercises Institute, Guelph Centre of Spirituality, Ontario, Canada

A Way of Accompaniment in the Ignatian Tradition, Secretariatus Spiritualitatis Ignatianae, Curia Praepositi Generalis Societatis Jesu, Roma, Italia

Spiritual direction affords those drawn to a closer relationship with their God the space where they can begin and sustain this process. In the work of spiritual direction, it is always important that we start from where the person is and hold an enduring respect for the uniqueness of each person’s pace, journey, and experiences: the kairos, God’s timing in the person’s life.

In spiritual direction, I assist persons in noticing where and how God has been present and acting in their lives. Together we relish the deep touches of God in their life and pursue the responses these evoke in their heart. We celebrate the graced moments we become cognizant of. We strive to be sensitive to and remain alert to recognize movements that prevent the directee from moving ever closer to God. When there are personal, emotional, spiritual or psychological issues or concerns, we bring them to God in prayer, mindful of how God is with these issues, what God may be showing about them, and how God is leading the directee to wholeness. We strive to be totally honest with God. We rely on the kindness, mercy, and wisdom of God so that the healing that we and God desire for the directee can take place.